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Manaswita Choudhary

Manaswita Choudhary
Manaswita Choudhary

At an early age, Manaswita learned out of necessity how to manage a budget while attending boarding school away from home and subsequently discovered a passion for financial management. Since then she has gone on to obtain her Bachelor’s in Finance from the Jain University of India and followed her dreams to the US where she obtained her master’s in accounting from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Currently she is working towards her CPA.

Gaining experience through internships and work opportunities, Manaswith is versed in tax preparation and financial forecasting for small businesses. This ultimately prepared her to join the team at VSM Real Estate as our Accountant. She currently oversees the financials of the Management portfolio as well as the financials of the other diversified real estate assets of VSM.

Her aim is to establish her own firm where she can help small businesses in financial management and achieve their financial goals.

In her free time, Manaswita loves to enjoy the outdoors by hiking, taking yoga classes, and can rarely resist good music and a dance floor.