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Eviction Moratorium Update August 2021

Eviction Moratorium


Eviction Moratorium Update

The eviction moratorium continues to ramp down in Minnesota. Recently talk recently has focused on the federal extension of the CDC eviction moratorium.  MN legislature passed their own timeline on June 29th, 2021 which takes precedence over the federal mandate. As your property manager, we want you to know we are aware of any and all updates to the everchanging landscape of investment properties.

The next update and milestone will be August 13th, 2021. On that date, Landlords can terminate leases and not renew leases of tenants behind on rent and ineligible for COVID-19 emergency rental assistance. This marks the first time that landlords can end their tenants’ lease who are behind on rent. These tenants must also be ineligible for rental assistance. If your tenants are behind on rent, they may be eligible for emergency relief funds from the state. For a full timeline visit MN Eviction Timeline

Rental Assistance

Ask any landlord and the last thing we want to deal with is an eviction. If you’ve ever been through one, you’ll find that the process is anything but a quick trip to court.  VSM can arrange a payment plan with your tenants if the need is there, pandemic or not to avoid evictions. If your tenants are behind in rent, MN has provided this checklist as guidance for owners on getting back rent paid.

Finally, For tenants who have a pending application for emergency rental assistance from eviction for  nonpayment of rent, VSM has strongly encouraged tenants to apply for rent assistance at or by calling 2-1-1. Additionally, tenants who are behind on electric or gas bills, or facing a utility shutoff should consider applying through the Energy Assistance Program

In conclusion, VSM will continue to stay ahead of the laws and programs during the eviction moratorium. Our goal is to ensure that our clients collect rent on their properties. If you have any specific questions about the program, please reach out the President of VSM Real Estate – [email protected]