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The Importance of Professional Photography

The Importance of Professional Photography

VSM has been hiring a professional photographer for all of its rental and sale listings for the last 6 months. The results have been tremendous, so much so that I wanted to share our experience.

Buyers and tenants shop with their eyes. With as much time as people spend looking at a screen today, you have only a few seconds to make a good first impression. Just like on social media where you lead with your “profile pic”, with a residential listing you are leading with the main picture. Usually of the curb appeal of the home or its most dramatic feature. You have about 1.5 seconds to get the buyer or tenant to choose to look at the next pictures.

Many of the sites where we advertise limit the resolution and quantity of photos. At most 18 photos can be used. Its important to show as much of the house as you can in these 18 photos, not just repeat the best features in 10 pictures. There is a business case for letting the prospective buyers and tenants view the pictures and be able to make an educated decision as to whether they’d like to see it in person. It saves their time as well as the time and resources of our agents.

Gone are the days of taking pictures with your cell phone and uploading from your phone. The real estate market is heating up, the competition between agents is also increasing. VSM is always going to look to be a technology leader in everything that we do. Presenting your listings against the competition is a beauty contest we can help you win. With our guidance as to the right improvements, lighting, staging and photos we can help you to maximize value for your property.

If you like the work we show, our photographer is Robert Wagner with DropKick Photos.